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Fusion of Bi-polar Radiofrequency and Photodynamic therapy (FTD).

Two professional therapies, well clinically proven, combined together in one device that perfectly fits your hand.


Safety, painless and with no side effects.

Trivine installs a non-invasive dual technology to guarantee a high level of comfort during the treatments and completely painless.


Unisex and suitable for all skin types.

Aging is not a matter of sex and, even it happens different in each individual, his effects finally reach to everyone. That´s why Trivine has been developed to take care of all, women and men, whatever his skin type is, even darker or tanned ones.


Radiant face every day.

Trivine has the right dimensions to be used at-home or to be taken inside your luggage wherever you travel thanks to his nice travel case. Trivine is the perfect device to be used anytime convenient for you, while watching TV or listening some music.


Easy to use and with results from the first session.

Just three easy steps and few minutes are necessary to have a renewed face which will make you feeling better.


         - Reduces wrinkles


         - Tightens the skin


         - Improves the expression lines


         - Rejuvenates collagen and elastin


         - Prominent jowl


         - Enhanced orbital fat


Aging can commonly be described as a progressive, subtle impairment of biological functions that proceeds in each individual in a non-homogenous manner.


Skin undergoes many deleterious changes with the passing of time, such as atrophy, decreased elasticity, uneven pigmentation and impaired metabolic and reparative responses (Rittie & Fisher 2015)


The dermal collagenous extracellular matrix, which confers strength and resiliency to the skin, undergoes gradual fragmentation. The elastin and collagen that constitutes the bulk of the dermis degrades to lose their orderly organization, contributing to wrinkle formation.


Flattening of the dermal-epidermal junction compromises epidermal resistance to shearing force, increases epidermal fragility and limits the flux of nutrients between the dermis and epidermis. This result in dry skin and decrease in the barrier function of the skin.


Thermoregulation, another key function of the skin, is also affected by the aging process, due to a reduced rate of sweating.


Melanocytes in the basal layer of the human epidermis and the bulb of the hair follicles are evenly distributed in young individuals and produce melanin, which confers skin photoprotection. The aging process, however, affects both their activity and their number, leading to a net loss of amount 10-20% of melanocytes per decade of life. Since this phenomenon does not progress in a homogeneous manner, spot colours are a common manifestation in aged skin.


Recent studies have demonstrated that some life situations, such as sadness or a quick loss of weight, affect to the muscles of the face contributing to a fast impairment of the orbital zone, sagging and weakness of the neck.


Tobacco smoking is also strongly associated with accelerating aging in both women and men.


Thanks to Trivine and his dual technology, now is possible to delay aging, comfortably at-home, with very short and easy sessions and without having to undergo surgery. Trivine helps to provide those substances that the body lose with the passing of time by activating the regeneration process of collagen and elastin to strength your skin and your skin will immediately look younger.

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With Trivine and his dual technology, now is possible to delay aging, comfortably at-home, with very short and easy sessions and without having to undergo surgery.
Trivine includes a very nice travel case that will perfectly fit in every suitcase so you can take your youth everywhere




Trivine has been developed to take advantage of the effects, clinically proven, of two technologies fully established in the anti-aging field, Bi-Polar RF energy and LED light.


Thanks to the combination of these forces, the electromagnetic energy of the radio frequency provides selective energy into the deep dermis and sub-dermis layers, while LED light improves the cells stimulation with a-thermal energy (no increasing of heat).


This technology quickly increases the surface of the skin up to 42ºC while the inner layers reach a higher but yet safety temperature enough to trigger the process of cell renewal.


Trivine is a duo of technologies that, controlled all the time by his smart motion sensor, allows to treat all skin types, even the more sensitive. It is completely safe even for the tanned skins and painless and you will only feel a comfortable warm over the treated area.


Trivine gets to provide heat to the inner layers of the skin to produce contraction and stimulation of the own collagen, boosted by the bio-stimulant and reconstructive effect of the LED. This makes Trivine one of the most effective anti-aging devices. Heat gets deeper so effectiveness is guaranteed.


Trivine was designed for at-home use to get results from the very first session which will be significantly improved with others ongoing sessions.


Three easy steps and only a few minutes to get amazing results.

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Orbital Zones

Forehead - Chin - Neck



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