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Gives you the power to fight unwanted hair growth delivering long term results for perfectly smooth skin.

Glides like a shaver: for fast full body treatment.
5 energy settings adjust to your skin type.

Long life: replaceable cartridge.

Fast treatment: 82% users notice results after just 5 weeks.

Quick treatment time: smooth, wrinkle free skin in less than 10 minutes.

Small treatment window for hard to reach facial areas.

Suitable for skin types:

cabezales maquina dorada1.png

Body Cartridge
300.000 flashes
Larger Flash window to deliver coverage to the whole body

cabezales maquina dorada2.png

Facial Cartridge
30.000 flashes
Facial flash window for areas of the face difficult to reach

cabezales maquina dorada3.png

Skin Rejuvenation Cartridge
30.000 flashes
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is also a rejuvenating treatment for skin, and will gradually and naturally smooth away fine surface wrinkles.

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